Contact name: Jody Garnett

Key Accomplishments

Areas for Improvement

Opportunities to Help

Our user community has been very vocal about the need to construct swing widgets around the geotools library. If this is an area that is of interest to you please volunteers. There are also several unsupported modules that are in need of a friend; if you find yourself with the time and ability to adopt a section of code we would love your support.

Outlook for 2009

GeoTools is starting 2009 with a renewed vigor - key contributors are emerging from the work that has gone into making GeoTools 2.5.0 such an amazing release.

There are several exciting modules that are expected to reach supported status this year. The imageio-ext-gdal module allows access to a host of GDAL supported raster formats. The jdbc-ng modules represent our second generation Database access implementation built around prepaired statements.

The community is looking at simplifications that can be made as the shape of GeoTools 3.0 is defined. Take part in this and other activities in what promisses to be an exciting year for the GeoTools project.