SpringSource and the Groovy development team are pleased to announce the release of two versions in a raw: Groovy 1.5.8 and Groovy 1.6.1.

Groovy 1.5.8 contains a ton of bug fixes and will be the last version of the old Groovy 1.5.x branch.
So make sure you eventually transition your project to Groovy 1.6.1, if you've not done so already.
Please report any problem you may encounter throughout the transition to ensure they are addressed rapidly.

Groovy 1.6.1 is the latest stable version of Groovy.
It also contains several bug fixes or minor enhancements.

You can have a look at the changelog for these new versions:

As usual, you can download Groovy 1.6.1 here:

Thanks to everybody for your great work and contributions!

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!