TerraServer supports a Tiling Web Service that enables you to build applications that integrate with USGS imagery found on their site. Here is a sample of what you can achieve.

import groovyx.net.ws.WSClient;
def proxy = new WSClient("http://terraservice.net/TerraService.asmx?WSDL", this.class.classLoader)


// Create the Place object
def place = proxy.create("com.terraserver_usa.terraserver.Place")

// Initialize the Place object
place.city = "mountain view"
place.state = "ca"
place.country = "us"

// Geocode the place
def result = proxy.ConvertPlaceToLonLatPt(place)

println "Longitude: ${result.lon}"
println "Latitude: ${result.lat}"

will give:

Longitude: -122.08000183105469
Latitude: 37.400001525878906