Upgrade from jetty6 to jetty7(eclipse)

This tool will help convert your old jetty6 config files (and sources) to jetty7.
For classes no longer available on jetty7 (e.g org.mortbay.jetty.security.HashUserRealm), the tool will give you recommendations on how to proceed.

Please also refer to the documentation on Eclipse: Porting to Jetty7 and Porting to Jetty7 Package and Class Names.

$ java -jar jetty6to7-1.0.jar /path/to/your/files/or/dir

If the args provided are dirs, it will recursively update the files by default. (otherwise specify -Dconversion.recursive=false)


To see the various options, run it without args (it will print out the options):

$ java -jar jetty6to7-1.0.jar


$ java -jar jetty6to7-1.0.jar src/main/config/jetty.xml src/main/etc/jetty-env.xml src/main/java


The jetty6to7-1.0.jar is ~19kb.