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Description / Features

Clirr checks Java libraries for binary and source compatibility with older releases. In a continuous integration process Clirr can automatically prevent accidental introduction of binary or source compatibility problems.

It measures the number of API break issues between the current sources and the last known stable version of the library in the Maven repository.


  1. Add at least one Clirr rule to your quality profile (Quality Profiles > Select your profile > filter rules on repository "Clirr") :
  2. Define your project as an API project: browse to the project settings and set the property Clirr > API to true.
  3. Analyze your Maven project
  4. Browse to the dashboard and look at the "API Changes" widget and page.

Known Limitations

  1. Only Java Maven projects are supported.
  2. Because Clirr does not report line numbers, issues cannot be displayed in the correct location within the source code
  3. Issues attached to deleted components are re-assigned to the project

Change Log