This page contains user contributed examples and other information about using the jboss-packaging-maven-plugin at codehaus.

The plugin enables Maven to generate several types of packaging used by JBoss. Each archive is a standard jar file with a specific extension and contains an XML deployment descriptor.

SAR - Service Archive (General JMX based access to the jboss server)

The .sar format allows access to the running application server through JMX.
A simple Hello World SAR example can be found on the JBoss Wiki.
And more information about the SAR format can be found on the JBoss Service page.
An example of creating a SAR using maven can be found here


This is a Hibernate Archive which allows access to a hibernate based data layer through a reusable component.


This archive provides integration between the JBoss Application Server and Spring


This format is used with the JBoss Enterprise Service Bus. More information about the ESB format can be found on the JBoss Wiki