Dear Groovy community,

I'm happy to announce the release of Spock Framework 0.2! Some highlights of this release are:

For more details, see What's New In Spock 0.2.
For a list of fixed issues, see here.

How can you get involved? Spread the word, give Spock a try, provide feedback, or submit a patch!

Example project: (see README for instructions)
Discussion forum:

As usual, Spock 0.2 is also available from Maven Central (

Thanks to Hamlet D'Arcy, Neal Ford, Paul King, Dirk Koenig, Guillaume Laforge, and everyone else who helped spread the word about Spock.
Special thanks to Rainer Kelz for pointing out that Spock is, almost by definition, Enterprise ready.

Happy spec'ing!

Peter Niederwieser
Creator, Spock Framework