Dataflow concurrency offers an alternative concurrency model, which is inherently safe and robust.


Check out the small example written in Groovy using GPars, which sums results of calculations performed by three concurrently run tasks:

import static groovyx.gpars.dataflow.Dataflow.task
final def x = new DataflowVariable()
final def y = new DataflowVariable()
final def z = new DataflowVariable()

task {
    z << x.val + y.val
    println "Result: ${z.val}"

task {
    x << 10

task {
    y << 5

We start three logical tasks, which can run in parallel and perform their particular activities. The tasks need to exchange data and they do so using Dataflow Variables. Think of Dataflow Variables as one-shot channels safely and reliably tranferring data from producers to their consumers.

The Dataflow Variables have a pretty straightforward semantics. When a task needs to read a value from DataflowVariable(through the val property), it will block until the value has been set by another taks or thread (using the '<<' operator). Each DataflowVariable can be set only oncein its lifetime. Notice that you don't have to bother with ordering and synchronizing the tasks or threads and their access to shared variables. The values are magically transferred among tasks at the right time without your intervention. The data flow seamlessly among tasks / threads without your intervention or care.

Implementation detail: The three tasks in the example do not necessarily need to be mapped to three physical threads. Tasks represent so-called "green" or "logical" threads and can be mapped under the covers to any number of physical threads. The actual mapping depends on the scheduler, but the outcome of dataflow algorithms doesn't depend on the actual scheduling.


Here's what you gain by using Dataflow Concurrency (by Jonas Bonér ):

This doesn't sound bad, does it?

If you'd like to know more on this interesting concept, check out the Dataflow concurrency section of the User Guide.

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