Woodstox, the Fast XML-processor

Woodstox is a high-performance validating namespace-aware StAX-compliant (JSR-173) Open Source XML-processor written in Java.
XML processor means that it handles both input (== parsing) and output (== writing, serialization)), as well as supporting tasks such as validation.

For the impatient, you can quickly proceed to Download page; or browse Documentation.

Latest news

You can also check out full News for the full record of news events for Woodstox project.

Woodstox features

Woodstox implements StAX (STreaming Api for Xml processing) version 1.0. StAX specifies interface for standard J2ME "pull-parsers" (as opposed to "push parser" like SAX API ones): see StAX specification for details.

Features of the latest release (from 'current' branch) include:

Features as well as lots of other related information about Woodstox is available from the Documentation page.

Why use StAX parsers?

StAX parsers are usually a good compromise between convenience offered by tree-based API (DOM, JDom, Dom4j) implementations, and efficiency offered by streaming API (like SAX) implementations.

"As fast as SAX, almost as convenient as DOM" is one way to summarize the benefits.

Why use Woodstox of all available StAX implementations?

Woodstox has following benefits:

Where can I find sources and binaries?

You can find binaries (jars) and sources (tar, zip) on the Download page.

Also, Woodstox sources are stored in Codehaus Subversion; you can access them using anonymous read-only access:

svn co https://svn.codehaus.org/woodstox/wstx/trunk

or, if you want the whole contents of the repository, not just trunk:

svn co https://svn.codehaus.org/woodstox

and registered developers can access it similarly, but adding "--username" (and "--password") switch to allow changes to be committed back in.

Help for using Woodstox

There are two kinds of support for Woodstox:

Companion Projects

Due to both versatility and focus of Woodstox codebase, there are projects that are not included in Woodstox core functionality or package, but that are built on top of it, as separate tools, libraries or applications.
These projects include:

Interesting Related Things

Things That Do Woodstox

Future Plans

List of planned and wished for features can be found from the Wishlist page.