Create a container instance

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Java API

If you're using the Java API there are 2 solutions to instantiate a container:

Container container = new Orion2xLocalContainer(configuration);
Container container = new Resin3xLocalContainer(configuration);
Container container = new Weblogic8xLocalContainer(configuration);
Container container = new TomcatRemoteContainer(configuration);
ContainerFactory factory = new DefaultContainerFactory();
Container container = factory.createContainer("resin3x", ContainerType.INSTALLED, configuration);

In general we recommend that you use the factory method to instantiate a container as this makes your code more flexible.

The class or container id to use for instantiating a container can be found on each container's documentation page:

Example using Cargo extensions

If you're using a Cargo extension you'll use the way defined by the extension to instantiate a container. Underneath, all extensions use the factory method to instantiate containers.