Sending commit messages via mail must be configured by a Codehaus administrator. Administrators should initially configure this on behalf of project committers. The following procedure should be done on

  1. cd into the repository's hooks directory. For example:
    cd /home/projects/FOO/scm/hooks
  2. Create a post-commit file and make it executable (sudo chmod 755 post-commit). The contents of the file should include the following (Note: you must change "FOO" to the name of the new repository):
  3. Clean up permissions and group ownership in hooks directory (make sure you are in the "hooks" directory!!):
    sudo chgrp groupname post-commit
    sudo chmod g+w post-commit

Changing the reply-to address for an scm list

This is not recommended, since it leads to dissemination via the list of messages returned from bad auto-responders and MTAs. Also, it may lead to public replies to the list where personal replies were intended. In addition, the original ``Reply-To:'' header is lost.

If you do want to add a reply-to list header, put


into /home/projects/FOO/scm/headerremove, and

Reply-To: list@host.dom

into /home/projects/FOO/scm/headeradd.