Project administration is accessible through the Configuration menu.

Only project administrators can access project settings (See Authorization).

Adding a Project

A project is automatically added to SonarQube when analyzed for the first time. Note that you can also provision projects.

Deleting a Project

You can delete a project through Configuration > Deletion:

Note also that a projects can also be deleted in bulk.

Updating Project Key

The project key can be updated (without losing the history on the project). Go to Configuration > Update Key:


The new key must match the following regular expression: [0-9a-zA-Z:-_\.:]+

Note that the validity of the new key is not currently verified. See .

Setting Quality Profiles and Quality Gate

Project administrators can select which:

 to use on their project.

Setting Exclusions

See Narrowing the Focus.

Customizing Links

To add links to your project, go to Configuration > Links:

They are two types of links:

Default Links

These links have to be defined in the analysis configuration file:

For Maven projects, these links are retrieved from the project POM:

Setting a sonar.links.* property on a Maven project overrides the one above.
These links can be displayed on a:

They can not be modified through the web interface.

Custom Links

Any link can be added through the web interface. Those links can be displayed on a dashboard by adding the Description widget.

Configuring Plugins

Several plugins can be configured at project level to override the plugin's global settings. Go to Configuration > Settings.