Several links to AspectWerkz tutorials

Can aspects clean up code pollution? Logging and Performance tracing with AspectWerkz 2.0

Two introduction level tutorials on IBM developerWorks:

Complete source code is available for download.

Quick Start Guide to Enterprise AOP with Aspectwerkz 2.0

A tutorial that will lead you thru a sample app using Hibernate, Spring and Tapestry.
One first version is detailled to explain the purpose of the sample app (a blog webapp). This first version is not using AOP. Another version is then detailled where crosscutting concerns such as per request logging and profiling have been refactored using AspectWerkz 2.0.

Complete source code is available for download, including SQL scripts.

Eclipse integration when not using the AspectWerkz Eclipse plugin

Step by step tutorial to work with AspectWerkz in Eclipse, using Eclipse and Ant.

EJB 3 transactions, Java 5 and AspectWerkz AOP.

Step by step tutorial that will guide thru a Java 5 based sample with a quite interesting goal: implement a subset of the EJB 3 specification with AspectWerkz in less than 1 hour !

Introduction to AOP (spanish).

Introduction to AOP using an example on how to implement transparent persistence using AOP and AspectWerkz.

Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming.

Introduction to AOP in J2EE environments. Deploys AOP enable webapp in Tomcat.

Translated into spanish:

Performance Analysis of J2EE Applications Using AOP Techniques.

Explains how to write a simple performance analysis aspect for J2EE using AspectWerkz.

Enabling AOP in WebLogic Server using the JRockit Management API.

In this article, you will learn the basic AOP concepts as well as how to apply AOP to your J2EE applications using AspectWerkz, a dynamic AOP framework. The hands-on tutorial explains how to use AOP to track EJB CMP's container generated JDBC queries.