X10 is a new programming language being developed at IBM Research in collaboration with academic partners. The X10 effort is part of the IBM PERCS project (Productive Easy-to-use Reliable Computer Systems) in the DARPA program on High Productivity Computer Systems.

In late 2009, IBM Research announced the 2010 X10 Innovation Award Program. On behalf of IBM Research and the X10 Programming Language Team, we are pleased to present the 18 winners of the 2010 X10 Innovation Award below.  More recently, we have also awarded 12 new Innovation Awards focused on Asia.

X10 Day, Friday, April 16, 2010 in Hawthorne, NY.

X10 Days, December 4-5, 2010 at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

X10 Application Development
X10 Tool Development
Mapping High-Level Languages to X10
Language Research
Curricula Development

Project Descriptions

Call for Proposals 2010 X10 Innovation Grants