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Description / Features

Piwik is an open-source web analytics software that can be used as an alternative to Google Analytics, in particular for internal websites. The Piwik Plugin submits individual's browsing activity of the SonarQube instance to a Piwik server so that it can then be analysed.

Once browsing data from a SonarQube instance has been collected by the Piwik Plugin then the Piwik software itself has a lot of cool features to help you analyse that traffic:

To learn more about Piwik please visit the website: Piwik


You already have an instance of Piwik 0.6.

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The Plugin is configured by an administrator with the details of a Piwik instance. From that point on, each web page will include a script at the end of it that submits information related to the page, the visitor, and their browser to Piwik for analysis.

To configure the Piwik Plugin:

If you look at the source of a SonarQube page you should now see a Piwik script near the bottom of the page.

In the Piwik side, you should start seeing page hits from SonarQube being shown within a few seconds as you browse SonarQube.

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