Release 2.2 Upgrade Notes

The property MUST NOT end with a slash character. Otherwise, JDBC driver is not found by the Sonar Maven plugin. See SONAR-1685. This issue is fixed in version 2.3.

Required plugin upgrades

The following plugins must be upgraded :

Other plugins are compatible.



Duplicated code

When more than 2 files are involved in the same duplication, all duplicated blocks are reported while only 2 were reported before. It potentially increases the number of duplicated blocks, duplicated lines and density of duplicated lines.

When a line is involved in several different duplications, it is now counted only once as a duplicated line. It potentially decreases the number of duplicated lines and density of duplicated lines.



Clover 3 is now supported and Clover 1 has been removed. The default used version is upgraded to 2.6.3.

Deploy SonarQube WAR in JEE server

The WAR file is now linked to the Sonar directory (the directory where the distribution is unzipped). It implies :