A few notes, as of September 2010, on the future of Java/JDK 7, and even 8.

Mark Reinhold's post on a possible roadmap for Java 7/8: http://blogs.sun.com/mr/entry/rethinking_jdk7

Jo Darcy on the Project Coin proposals: http://blogs.sun.com/darcy/entry/project_coin_jdk_7_plan

And this link provides the best overview of what's to expect for each version: http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk7/features/

The Project Coin proposals retained and presented at JavaOne: http://blogs.sun.com/darcy/entry/project_coin_javaone_2010

Latest notes from Mark Reinhold, after the JCP meeting in Germany, post JavaOne: http://blogs.sun.com/mr/entry/plan_b_details

Some concrete examples of Project Coin usage: http://aruld.info/rest-of-project-coin-explored-advantage-java-7/