Continuous Integration

Activiti Hudson:

Activiti Bamboo on Codehaus (deprecated):

All activiti developers have permission to start a new build manually.

Running the database tests

Goal: run the test suite against a specific database.

Specify properties in command line:

mvn -Pcheck clean install -Ddatabase=mysql -Djdbc.driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver -Djdbc.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3309/activiti -Djdbc.username=activiti -Djdbc.password=activiti

Alternatively, you can specify the properties in a local file. This information goes into a file called ''. Please create the following folder structure:


Within this directoy create a new file like this:


Running the upgrade tests

Running the server tests

Running QA tests

Tested database systems so far are:

Setup / Configuration

The following lines will guide you through running the test suite. For this example we will use MySQL 5.1 as database environment. If you would like to run the test suite against a yet unsupported database environment, consult the[Developer Guide - Adding support for new database systems|ACT:Developers Guide].

Now we are ready to run the qa script. Navigate to /activiti/trunk/qa/ci and run the script that is suitable for your operating system like this:

run-test-db-standalone mysql

If you would like to run the qa script against H2, then you need to execute this command:

run-test-db-standalone h2