I am delighted to let you know that I will present IzPack at the Devoxx conference in the "Tools in Action" sessions! (seeĀ http://devoxx.com/display/Devoxx2K10/IzPack++because+you+and+your+end+users+have+installation+issues)

I will make a demo during my talk, and I would like to use an installer showcase from one of yours :-)

A community-contributed example would be indeed much more interesting both for the audience and for me as a speaker. It's not that I don't have a few examples for a demo, but I'm sure you guys have something better to offer!

This is why I am launching a call for contributions: I would demo YOUR installer (and as a side-effect, YOUR software would be publicized in front of a large audience).

You can contact me by email at julien.ponge@gmail.com with your proposal. Note that:

Thanks for sending your submissions!