Hi GPars enthusiasts,

on our path towards the next GPars release we've reached an important milestone - the beta-1 has just been made available. To get a feel of what's coming, experiment with the new dataflow constructs, try agent validators, test GPars from pure Java applications using the new Java API or just get your hair blown back by our lightning fast actors, grab it now at http://bamboo.ci.codehaus.org/browse/GPARS-REL/latest/artifact or use the usual integration options described at http://gpars.codehaus.org/Integration

As is our good tradition, an updated User Guide is ready at http://gpars.org/SNAPSHOT/guide/index.html
You might also like to check out what's new - http://gpars.org/SNAPSHOT/guide/guide/2.%20Getting%20Started.html#2.6%20What%27s%20new

Have groovy times and let us know your opinion.

The GPars team