The Groovy development team is pleased to announce the joint release of Groovy 1.7.7 and Groovy 1.8-beta-4, the latest releases of the popular dynamic language for the JVM.

Groovy 1.7.7 is a maintenance release of our official stable 1.7.x branch, whereas 1.8-beta-4 is the last beta version before the release candidates of the upcoming major version of Groovy.

The key highlights of the latest beta are:

If you wish to learn more about the JSON support, you can have a look at the JSON Groovy Extension Proposal and the unit tests for the slurper and the builder.

Here's an example for the JSON slurper, fetching tweets from Twitter about the #groovy hashtag:

import groovy.json.*

def slurper = new JsonSlurper()
def url = ""
def content = new URL(url).getText("UTF-8")
def root = slurper.parseText(content)
root.results.each { println it.text }

And another example showing how you can create JSON payloads with the JSON builder:

import groovy.json.*

def json = new JsonBuilder()

json.response {
    status "ok"
    userTier "free"
    total 2413
    startIndex 1
    pageSize 10
    currentPage 1
    pages 242
    orderBy "newest"
        id: "world/video/2011/jan/19/tunisia-demonstrators-democracy-video",
        sectionId: "world",
        sectionName: "World news",
        webPublicationDate: "2011-01-19T15:12:46Z",
        webTitle: "Tunisian demonstrators demand new democracy - video",
        webUrl: "",
        apiUrl: ""
        id: "world/gallery/2011/jan/19/tunisia-protests-pictures",
        sectionId: "world",
        sectionName: "World news",
        webPublicationDate: "2011-01-19T15:01:09Z",
        webTitle: "Tunisia protests continue - in pictures ",
        webUrl: "",
        apiUrl: ""

You can download and read about the JIRA release notes here:

Groovy 1.7.7

Groovy 1.8-beta-4

You may wish to have a look at the recent features introduced in previous betas by reading the following release notes:

Thanks a lot to all involved in this pair of releases, and for the support of our friendly community!