Assignment 1 - Software Transactional Memory implementation for Groovy

STM is one of the promising concepts that aim to enable developers to write safe concurrent code. Several promising open source JVM-based implementations have appeared recently - (,, As an initial part of the assignment the existing options should be investigated in order to build a suitable STM strategy for the GPars project. A second part of the assignment would be to implement a Groovy wrapper around the chosen solution, integrating smoothly STM into Groovy and the GPars library as well as providing an intuitive API or a set of DSLs.

Assignment 2 - Remoting

The distinction between single-VM concurrency and concurrency among distributed nodes is becoming blurred. Actors can be distributed across multiple nodes in a network, dataflow variables and channels can transport values across the single-machine boundary as well as the state preserved by agents can reside on a particular place in the network and may need to be accessed from other places. As part of this assignment the participant would design and implement remoting for actors, agents and dataflow channels. Ideally remoting should not have impact on the existing API, should be pluggable to leverage different communication protocols and should be implemented as an optional add-on to limit performance and memory overhead when single-machine concurrency is used.