Hi CARGO enthusiasts;

It has been more than usual since we did not come up with any new versions, and it is for a good reason: we have been working on CARGO's version 1.1.0. As usual, we have many bug fixes; but most notably we have very interesting new features.

Some of the interesting new features would perhaps be the following:

As for some of the improvements:

And some fixes:

And, finally, some major changes that you probably won't notice (but which are one of the reasons why we changed the version number to 1.1.0):

... as well as some major changes you should take a note of:

For a full list, you can always check the release notes: http://jira.codehaus.org/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=10730&version=16436 -we have more than 80 changes!

To use this new version:

Please share your good (and bad) findings on the user@cargo.codehaus.org mailing list.