This page provides a place where companies can share how they are using Activiti.  If you add your use case, please do so below the others and make your image the not bigger then the other ones.  Thanks for sharing !



Use Case


Scarlet is building a provisioning system for automating the delivery of multi-play telecommunication offer. For example Scarlet Internet, Scarlet Internet and Voice-over-IP telephony,Scarlet Internet and Digital TV, Mobile Telephony, etc...  One off the biggest challenges in automating this delivery process; is automating the most common use-cases; but also supporting the rather infrequent use-cases. This is where Ativiti fits perfectly in as a workflow- and business process management platform; coupling nicely human-tasks and automated service-tasks into one business process.  Scarlet uses Activiti Service-Tasks to call external and internal parties. For example encrypted mail communication towards the incumbent; post-script files communication towards printing services, jdbc calls towards billing systems, etc.  Activiti Human-Tasks are used at Scarlet for both incident management ticketing on the automated processing; as for indicating manual tasks for the rather infrequent use-cases.  More information in this forum post