This has been a very productive year for the GeoTools project during which we really changed gears to focus on stability and documentation. This is a new direction compared to our previous emphasis on standards research. It has been accompanied by the departure of some long-standing members of our development team and the arrival of new members.

We promised productivity let us see how well the GeoTools team has delivered:

We have a lot of great ideas for the new year and we are excited to be working with some enthusiastic and creative new contributors such as Jonathan, who is pushing interesting rendering concepts into the mix such as "unit of measure" distances (so you can finally buffer 5km around a data set), and Stephan has been introducing all kinds of useful ideas from AtlasStyler as well as contributing great patches.

Finally, we also started to investigate the issue of 3D Geometry together with folks from the deegree team. Thanks to CSIRO for setting up this opportunity, and to the deegree team for taking out from their busy release schedule to collaborate with us.