Configuring IntelliJ IDE

Follow these steps to configure IntelliJ IDE for btm development.  These guide assumes you have already downloaded and built the source successfully with Maven.

Note: The following steps apply to the Bitronix 2.2 development branch, not prior releases.

Step 1:

Start the IntelliJ IDE, and select "New Project..." from the File menu.

Select the option "Import project from external model" (which includes Maven support). Click "Next".

Select the "Maven" option.  Click "Next".

Select the 'dist' profile.  Click "Next".

Check to make sure the bitronix project shows up, and is selected.  Click "Next".

The defaults should be fine here, just click "Finish".

Your project tree should now look like this:

Step 2:

Now we're going to setup the module paths so that IntelliJ can build with both JDBC3 and JDBC4 at the same time.

Right-click on the bitronix project in the project tree, and choose "Open Module Settings" from the menu.  A window like this should open:

Now, perform these steps for the "btm" module:

In IntelliJ, dependencies that appear after the JDK are added to the classpath, and dependencies that appear before the JDK are added to the bootclasspath.

Now, perform these steps for the "btm-jdbc4" module:

Ok, you're done!  Now, click "OK" to dismiss the module settings dialog.

Step 3:

Click on the "Build" menu, and select "Rebuild Project".  The projects should now build without error.

Happy developing!  The Bitronix Team welcomes your contribution.