Installations using saved records of user inputs

When you conclude your installation with a FinishPanel, the user can save the data for an automatic installation. With this data, he will be able to run the same installation on another similar machine. In an environment where many computers need to be supported this can save a lot of time.

Run the installation once on a machine and save your automatic installation data in auto-install.xml (that's just a sample). Then put this file in the same directory as the installer on another machine. Run it with:

java -jar installer.jar auto-install.xml

It reproduces the same installation again, applying all previous user inputs automatically. No interaction is required any longer.

Installations using properties

IzPack installers can be executed replacing possible user inputs from properties, which can be given either in property files or directly specified on the command line.


java -jar myinstaller.jar -options-template

Generates a properties file with all user-changeable variables provided by my myinstaller. The property INSTALL_PATH is always exported. There will be only the property keys, the names are left empty and must be added manually.

java -jar myinstaller.jar -options

Executes an unattended installation replacing possible user inputs by the property values defined in the file An empty template of the property file can be created for each compiled installer using -options-template.

java -DINSTALL_PATH=/opt/myplace -jar myinstaller.jar -options-system

Executes myinstaller in unattended mode in a UNIX console and forces the main installation path to be set to /opt/myplace.