The Groovy development team is happy to deliver two new releases as early Christmas presents: Groovy 1.8.5 and 2.0-beta-2.
While we work hard on Invoke Dynamic support, Static Type Checking and some experimental Static Compilation, we also find time to fix a good load of bugs and some minor improvements, as those two releases here are essentially minor incremental versions.
You can have a look at the tickets closed here, for 1.8.5:
And here for 2.0-beta-2:
You can download both distributions at the usual place:
If you want to play with the experimental static compilation, you can do so by following the instructions from the GEP-10 page:
Look for the "testing" paragraph in the middle of the document, which contains a link to the experimental JAR, as well as some basic explanations.
And please continue reporting your findings on the static type checking as well.
Thanks a lot to all those who contributed to this release: developers, contributors, users, bug reporters.
On behalf of the Groovy development team, we'd like to wish you a Groovy Christmas and a very Happy New Year.