I had the tingling feeling with the previous release of tapestry-security but since we have such a blind faith in our functional testing suite, and the tests all passed, we went ahead and managed to cause some headache for all of our users deploying their secure applications to non-root contexts. At least I'm happy the library is popular enough that I get immediate feedback when I screw up (thanks Lenny!). Anyway to restore our crisis of faith, we responded by writing even more tests and here we go again, upgrade to tapestry-security 0.4.4, it's all fixed. There's also some updates to the documentation, check out tapestry-security guide!

Release notes:


  • [TYNAMO-144] - This patch broke fallbackURL functionality
  • [TYNAMO-145] - TYNAMO-133 breaks SecurityUtils.logout() from within Tapestry onEvent methods


  • [TYNAMO-124] - Context path duplicated when redirecting to saved request