The GeoTools 9.x branch is currently being established, as such no technical direction has been set.

RnD and proposals completed for the 9.x branch:


Usability Targets


We have a couple of drivers for API change, listed are some highlights expected for 9.x development stream.

Deprecation Cycle

We continue to follow our deprecation cycle, allowing downstream projects one full release to migrate away from deprecated methods.

Closable Support

Java 7 is baking in language syntactic sugar around the Closable interface. The development of the java fore-each syntax really messed with our FeatureColleciton story, the introduction of try-with-resource syntax looks to repair that damage.



The transition to Sphinx documentation was completed during 8.0 release cycle. This time out we would like to:

fill in the tutorial story to cover more of the library:

The other bit of work is to continue to update the existing pages with "live" code examples where ever possible.


We missed a few opportunities for simplification in 8.x:

Research Targets

Application Schema

One thing this missed during the Application Schema work was the production of classes for us mere mortals working with Java code (rather than xml schema).

So the shopping list for java developers is: