Documentation in SonarQube 4.4+

Starting with SonarQube 4.4, the web application offers a built-in and always-up-to-dateĀ documentation of the Web Service API. The link to access it is located in the footer of the page:

You can see it live on Nemo atĀ

Calling a secured web service

Some web services (like administration ones) are secured and require credentials that can be passed using basic HTTP authentication.

Example with curl to get the server system properties with the user admin/admin on your freshly installed SonarQube instance:

curl -u admin:admin http://localhost:9000/api/server/system

Note on information returned by web services

Some information documented in web services response examples depends on some plugins to be installed.

For instance :

Documentation for older versions

For SonarQube < 4.4, see the archived documentation.