Niels Charlier







The idea is to split the app-schema module in three:

The third part would continue as the gt-app-schema module. The first part will be moved to gt-main. More specifically, the following classes will be moved:

The second would split off and become a new module 'gt-complex'. More specifically, this 'gt-complex' module will consist of the following classes that are now in the gt-app-schema module.

Considering the 'partly' ported classes.

The gt-complex module will have a dependency on the module gt-app-schema-resolver.


This proposal is currently being voted on:


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  1. (tick) NC: move/copy all the classes (specified above) into new module 'gt-complex'
  2. (tick) NC: refactor app-schema to use the gt-complex module and the new featuretyperegistry
  3. (tick) NC: Pull request for GEOT-4344 
  4. NC: review the geotools documentation and update

API Changes

The API will not change because of this.

Documentation Changes

gt-complex should get its own page in the GeoTools User Documentation. The application-schema documentation page says "Key to the configuration of the app-schema module is the mapping file". The gt-complex module provides support for complex features but has nothing to do with mapping files.