A panel for showing HTML-formatted content.

This can be used for instance to show a 'README' content. It presents text of any length. The text is specified by the resource.

To add an image to the HTMLInfoPanel you simply need to add a ressource to your install.xml with an ID decided by you, then you can call this image by refering it by this same ID.

In install.xml:

  <res src="logo.jpg" id="GHGHGH"/>

and in file.html:

<img src="GHGHGH"/>

Note that variables are being substituted in HtmlInfoPanel (e.g., $INSTALL_PATH will be replaced with the installation path).

You can define multiple HTMLInfoPanel with individual HTML texts by giving them a specific id. The resources must be named HTMLInfoPanel.<panelid> :

  <res id="HTMLInfoPanel.readme" src="readme.html"/>
  <res id="HTMLInfoPanel.disclaimer" src="disclaimer.html"/>
  <panel classname="HTMLInfoPanel" id="readme" />
  <panel classname="HTMLInfoPanel" id="disclaimer" />


InfoPanel.infoThe label text to be shown as panel label above the contents
HTMLInfoPanel.infoThe HTML-formatted text to be shown as panel content, unless a file resource is used (see above).