Allows the user to select the packs he wants to install. This panel also allows grouping of packs. Look at InstallationGroupPanel description to get more details.

IzPack automatically sets reserved variables depending on the packs selected by the user or an unattended installation (auto-install.xml) to be installed:


where <packname> is the name attribute of the according pack. If the appropriate pack <pack name="..."> is selected, the condition validates true.


The contents of PacksPanel can be translated, in order to present a different name and description of the packs for each language you support.

In order to provide internationalization for the PacksPanel, you have to add a resource packsLang.xml_xyz to the installation descriptor (install.xml) where xyz is the ISO3 code of the language in lowercase, referring to an according IzPack translations file using reserved IDs for the single translation items.

For translating the short name of the packluse the pack id as the id attribute of each translation item. For translating a pack description use the pack id suffixed by .description as the translation item key, instead.


    <res id="packsLang.xml_eng" src="i18n/myPacksLang.xml_eng"/>
    <str id="myApplication" txt="Main Application"/>
    <str id="myApplication.description" txt="A description of my main application"/>