The Groovy team is pleased to announce the release of Groovy 2.1.0.
With over 1.7 million downloads in 2012, a strong ecosystem, Groovy continues its development and adoption, refines existing features and evolves new ones.
In this new release, Groovy 2.1:
Please read all the details about the new features and improvements in the Groovy 2.1 release notes document:
You can download Groovy 2.1.0 from the Download area:
And have a look at the JIRA tickets we worked on:
Thanks a lot to all our users, contributors and committers who made this release possible.
I'd particularly like thank our new committers: Pascal Schumacher, André Steingreß and Tim Yates, for all their feedback and various contributions. Welcome to the team!
The Groovy team is looking forward to your feedback on this new release!
Keep on groovy'ing!