Release instructions

The following is the basic procedures for doing a Castor release:

  1. Checkout a fresh copy to clean directory
  2. Make sure the entire project builds by running build.bat or
  3. Make sure all test cases are passing
  4. Update src/doc/contributors.xml, if necessary, by adding any new contributors
  5. Update src/etc/CHANGELOG
  6. Update, if necessary, any docs in src/doc
  7. Update src/doc/release-notes.xml
  8. Update src/etc/VERSION
  9. Update src/main/org/exolab/castor/util/
  10. Do build: build release
  11. Upload dist/* to /home/projects/castor/dist/<release> at
  12. Upload build/doc/* /home/projects/castor/public_html at Before doing so, please create a sub-directory (using the current release number) under public_html and move the current documentation there.
  13. In Jira, flag this release as 'released'.
  14. Announce release via forums and mailing lists
  15. Push short announcements to
    #*the newsgroup

Post-release instructions

Synchronisation with

By default, following the instructions above, Castor will be deployed on the Codehaus Maven repository only. To get the Castor release artefacts properly propagated to, please either send a short email to the 'maven-dev' mailing list or raise a Jira chore at

Maven integration

To make a new Castor release available for Maven builds, at IBiblio, under the dist directory, create a jars directory with relative symbolic links to jars in dist/<release> subdirectories.

e.g. If you are in jars directory:

ln -s ../0.9.6/castor-0.9.6.jar castor-0.9.6.jar