This page lists all the SonarQube plugins hosted on our forge that were recently deprecated:


Artifact SizeReports on the size of the artifact generated by a project.
CProvides support for C projects. Note that this plugin is still available for download (latest version is 1.8) and usage but will no longer be supported or evolve. It is now replaced by the C/C++ plugin.
CASEnables user authentication and Single Sign-On via your Central Authentication Service. Deprecated since SonarQube 3.3.
CSVAllows to export the measures and number of violations per file to a CSV file. Deprecated since SonarQube 3.0.
CutoffExcludes files from analysis based on a date threshold, to analyze the work done on an existing code base and measure the quality of new code/changes only. Deprecated since version 4.0.
Delphi/PascalEnables analysis of Delphi/Pascal projects.
DroolsEnable analysis of Drools projects.
EmmaImport Emma code coverage reports. This plugin is deprecated since SonarQube 4.2. Use JaCoCo instead for Java projects or the Android plugin to import Emma 2.0 reports.
fb-contribThe fb-contrib plugin contains additional rules from the fb-contrib project. Deprecated as a stand-alone plugin because it has been rolled into the FindBugs Plugin.
Google CalendarThe Google Calendar Plugin posts an event in the specified Google calendar when the project analysed by SonarQube. Deprecated since SonarQube 4.0.
GreenPepperCollects test reports provided by GreenPepper to feed SonarQube. Deprecated since version 4.0.
JaCoCo Enables reading JaCoCo coverage reports. Deprecated since Java Plugin version 2.4.
Quality IndexCombines a global measure (quality index) of quality with a measure of the method complexity (complexity factor).
SCM ActivityRetrieves blame data from selected SCM providers. Deprecated since version 5.0 because the functionality moved into core.
Security RulesAllows a more prominent reporting of security-related issues to help you keep them under control.
SIGMMThis plugin is an implementation of the Software Improvement Group (SIG) Maintainability Model. Deprecated since SonarQube 4.2.
Switch Off ViolationsExcludes some violations in a fine-grained way. A more robust implementation is available out-of-the-box in SonarQube since version 4.0.
TaglistOffers special reporting on issues from the Squid NoSonar rule, which is available for multiple languages, and the Java-only Checkstyle ToDoComment rule.
Technical DebtComputes technical debt. A more robust implementation is available out-of-the-box in SonarQube since version 4.0.
Toad CodeXpertAdds additional coding rules from Toad CodeXpert for the PL/SQL plugin.
Total QualityProvides an overall measure of the quality of a project, linking code quality, design, architecture, and unit testing. Deprecated since SonarQube 3.7.
Toxicity ChartThis plugin is an implementation of the Toxicity Chart visualization technique presented by Erik Dörnenburg on his blog. Deprecated since SonarQube 4.2.
Violation DensityComputes a new metric named violation density. This is kind of the "opposite" of the rule compliance metric. Deprecated since SonarQube 4.1.