When someone is using FEST and has problems identifying the UI Elements.

I was working on a project which aimed to create a Swing Driver just like web driver so people wee versed in selenium can automate the Swing UI tests. So Ihad to decide on something to identify the UI components. I didn't had name for any UI component, therefore I struggled there a lot and had to depend on multiple other properties to identify that element. I used Swing Explorer to spy over the UI.

I was launching the JNLP file using Netx and the tests were getting stuck whenever a Modal Dialog box opened up. therefore i used AutoIT to close those Modal Windows. 

Step-by-step guide

Add the steps involved:

  1. Create your locator something like this: UIClassId=TableUI;ToolTipText=Click Here
    1. Keep these locators in a Hashmap, code:

      String[] locatorsArray = locator.split(SPLITTER);
      this.locatorMap = new HashMap<String, String>(locatorsArray.length);
      String[] keyValuePairArray = new String[2];
      String temp;
      for (String keyValuePair : locatorsArray) {
      keyValuePairArray = keyValuePair.split("=");
      temp = keyValuePairArray[0];
      keyValuePairArray[0] = temp.substring(0, 1).toUpperCase() + temp.substring(1);
      if (isBooleanValue(keyValuePairArray[1])) { //if value is a boolean then the method will be something like: isVisible or isShowing otherwise the methods name are: getName, getTitle
      keyValuePairArray[0] = "is" + keyValuePairArray[0];
      } else {
      keyValuePairArray[0] = "get" + keyValuePairArray[0];
      this.locatorMap.put(keyValuePairArray[0], keyValuePairArray[1]);

  2. Use Generic type Matcher along with reflections to identify that element, like this:
    1. Below is the example to find button:
    2. final GenericTypeMatcher<JButton> genericTypeMatcher = new GenericTypeMatcher<javax.swing.JButton>(javax.swing.JButton.class) {
      protected boolean isMatching(javax.swing.JButton comp1) {
      boolean result = true;
      for (String condition : locatorMap.keySet()) {
      try {
      Method method = getMethod(javax.swing.JButton.class, condition);//Method in Step 3
      String resp = (String) (method.invoke(comp1) + "");
      if (!((resp).contains(locatorMap.get(condition)))) {
      return false;
      } catch (Exception e) {
      } }
      if (!comp1.isShowing()) {
      result = false;
      return result;
      Pause.pause(new Condition("Waiting For The Element") {
      public boolean test() {
      Collection<JButton> list = parentFrame.robot.finder().findAll(parentFrame.target,
      return list.size() > 0;
      }, MAX_WAIT_TIME);
      buttonFixture = parentFrame.button(genericTypeMatcher);

  3. Use the following method for reflection:
    1. protected static Method getMethod(Class<?> clazz, String name) {
      Method m = null;
      try {
      m = clazz.getDeclaredMethod(name);
      } catch (NoSuchMethodException e) {
      if (clazz.equals(Object.class))
      throw new RuntimeException("Method not found in any super class.");
      return getMethod(clazz.getSuperclass(), name);
      return m;

  4. This is my way to do it if someone has any other way to do it, Please let me know.


To be used when working with FEST.

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