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Description / Features

This plugin will automatically assign new issues raised in the current analysis to the SCM author responsible
for the violation.

If the author is not registered in SonarQube the issue can be assigned to a configurable default assignee.

The plugin can handle scenarios where the violator is not the original author of the code in which
the issue is raised, but rather the last committer. For example, in metrics where the length of a
method has exceeded the maximum threshold. In this case the issue will be assigned to the last committer.


The plugin can be installed via the Update Center.




Configure the plugin as described below and run the SonarQube analysis as normal.

NOTE: If you wish to avoid mass issue assignments on first-time analysis or when rule changes are introduced, disable the plugin during the initial analysis and re-enable it for subsequent analyses.

Git Users

For Git users, the SCM author is an email address. The plugin can map this email address to a Sonar user,
provided the email address is the same for the SCM and SonarQube accounts.


Default Assignee

Configure this value to be a valid SonarQube login of a user to whom issues will be assigned if the plugin cannot determine the SonarQube user who is responsible for an issue.  An example of this would be an SCM author who has left your organization and no longer has an account in SonarQube.


The plugin is disabled by default.  It can be enabled or disabled in either the global or project settings.

Override Assignee

Configure this value to be a valid SonarQube login of a user to whom all issues will be assigned regardless of the SCM author.  Useful to avoid issues being assigned and notifications being sent out to unsuspecting SonarQube users in testing scenarios.

Always Assign to Author

Set to true if you want to always assign to the defect author, set to false if you want to assign to the last committer on the file if they are different from the author.

Issue Cutoff Date

Any defects introduced after this date are auto assigned, and any defects before will be ignored. Use the format dd/MM/yyyy.


Notifications can now be sent when an issue is assigned.  In the top-right corner of the GUI, go to <username> -> My profile -> Overall notifications.  Tick 'New issues assigned to me (batch)' to receive a single notification of all issues assigned to you during the latest analysis.

Notification content is also configurable.  See the options on the plugin settings page.