NameOracle Forms PL/SQL Extractor
Latest version1.1 (14 May 2014)
LicenseGNU LGPL 3
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This command-line gives the ability to extract PL/SQL source code from Oracle Forms. You can then feed SonarQube with the extracted PL/SQL source code.



This extractor uses the Oracle JDAPI library that is included in the Oracle Developer Suite. Therefore a full installation of the Oracle Developer Suite is required. Once installed, check that the environment is correctly set:

Use Java 1.6 or higher to run Sonar Forms PLSQL Extractor.

Extract PL/SQL Codebase

Download the extractor JAR file (see link in the top of this page) then execute:

set FORMS_PATH=C:\forms_project
java -DinputDir=C:\forms_project -DoutputDir=C:\extracted_plsql -cp C:\path\to\sonar-forms-plsql-extractor-1.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar;C:\path\to\oracle\forms\java\frmjdapi.jar org.sonar.oracleforms.plsql.PlSqlExtractor



Q : I'm getting "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class oracle.forms.jdapi.Jdapi" whilst my env variables and paths are correctly configured, why ?

A :  Oracle Developer Suite used to perform the extraction is available only for x32 OS. As a consequence, the Oracle Forms PL/SQL Extractor will work only on x32 OS.