This is a minor release, addressing some bug fixes with recent browsers
(Firefox 3.6 and 4+, Internet Explorer 9 to 11, Opera and WebKit-Browsers like
Google Chrome), and updating OpenLayers to the 2.13 release.

This release was created as a maintaince for the last official
release of Community Mapbuilder.
See EndOfLife for more information.

It covers the following:
* Support of Opera (MAP-484): mapbuilder examples work in Opera 10.51 and 9.50.
* Limit OverviewMap zoomin to a defined zoomLevel (MAP-560)
* catch any error that occur accessing a stylesheet (MAP-555)
* enable id-based widget texts
* enable new line in a message (\n will be interpreted as a new line)
* Support of WebKit-Browser (MAP-561): mapbuilder examples work with Apple
  Safari 5.0.4, SRWare Iron (22047), Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and 3.6.9,
  Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 9.5 and 11.01.
* enable input in CursorTrack widget: pan and zoom to a user defined coordinate
* EPSG 31251-31259 (Austrian projections) added
* updated Proj4js to proj4js-1.1.0 r2206 (i.e. tags/proj4js-1.1.0)
* Update to OpenLayers 2.13 (MAP-562)
* Support for Google Maps API v3 (MAP-565)
* Support for IE 9 (MAP-564)
* Speedup for more than one widgets using the same stylesheet - caching it
* Support for IE 10 (MAP-566): also compatibility mode
* use OpenLayers Click and Hover Handler (instead of priority events), thus the
  context changes from Feature to Control
* Support for IE 11 (MAP-567)

See the Release Notes for Details