The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.0.2.


JRuby 1.0.2 is a minor release of our stable 1.0 branch. The fixes in this
release include primarily obvious compatibility issues that we felt were
low risk. We periodically push out point releases to continue supporting
production users of JRuby 1.0.x.

- Fixed several nasty issues for users on Windows
- Fixed a number of network compatibility issues
- Includes support for Rails 1.2.5
- Reduced memory footprint
- Improved File IO performance
- trap() fix
- 99 total issues resolved since JRuby 1.0.1

Special thanks to the new JRuby contributors who rose to Charlie's challenge
to write patches for some outstanding bugs: Riley Lynch, Mathias Biilmann
Christensen, Peter Brant, and Niels Bech Nielsen.  Welcome aboard...

JRUBY-413       Thread does not define an allocator, and does not respond properly when an attempt is made to Marshal it
JRUBY-905     Thread context classloader should not be saved
JRUBY-1005     Array#pack fails for Q/q directives
JRUBY-1023 does not support 3rd form (file descriptors)
JRUBY-1042     Array block args not expanded when calling explicit block argument
JRUBY-1043     Java proxy InvocationHandler's parameterTypeCache should be thread-safe
JRUBY-1049 not defined
JRUBY-1053     Rubinius class_spec failures
JRUBY-1066     Rubinius core/struct_spec failures
JRUBY-1070     Rubinius language/method_spec failures
JRUBY-1085     gem install rails results in OutOfMemoryError
JRUBY-1111     ARGV not defined when running ruby scripts via BSF
JRUBY-1121     rake hangs
JRUBY-1123     missing encoding attribute
JRUBY-1125     Weird NPE when ObjectSpace._id2ref called for GC'ed object in conditional statement
JRUBY-1129     net/imap failes with parser errors
JRUBY-1139     NPE on unmarshalling new-style "user"-marshalled class
JRUBY-1144     rails script shebang line causes incorrect interpretation
JRUBY-1160     jruby.bat parses argument with "=" incorrectly
JRUBY-1191     method() on alias calls wrong super (but not in our opinion)
JRUBY-1219     Japanese problem in YAML
JRUBY-1229     require throws a LoadError when Jar has a null Manifest
JRUBY-1231'') should return false
JRUBY-1236     Regexp : yet another regular expression diff from MRI
JRUBY-1238     Make Frame#getName and Frame#getPosition public
JRUBY-1242     ClassCastException: org.jruby.ast.NthRefNode w/match variables used as #$1 in here document in string substitution
JRUBY-1243     Module#class_variable_defined? not defined.
JRUBY-1246     Base64Coder#encode(String) has a problem.
JRUBY-1262     RbConfig is not defined
JRUBY-1269     probable bug in ObjectSpace::define_finalize
JRUBY-1274     YAML.dump requires second argument to .respond_to? :write
JRUBY-1275     Java integration violates Module#name contract (reduction of jirb issue)
JRUBY-1286     'Thread.main.exit!' and/or 'Kernel.exit!' does not work under certain circumstances
JRUBY-1287     ant dist is putting unneeded files in resulting zip and tar files
JRUBY-1289     JRuby fails if assertions are enabled
JRUBY-1290     DRb fails to bind to socket: Address in use (Errno::EADDRINUSE)
JRUBY-1295     Invalid instance/class variable and constant names may be set
JRUBY-1302     Intermittent Mongrel failures with "uninitialized constant Errno::ECONNABORTED"
JRUBY-1306     Java 6-based chmod reverses logic for readable and writable
JRUBY-1308 using File::CREAT should imply reading, not writing
JRUBY-1315     'system', 'popen', etc... with spaces in path of jruby does not work system('"C:/foo bar/har har/bin/jruby" doSomething.rb')
JRUBY-1317     Heredocs ending in non-curly expansion do not include final newline
JRUBY-1318     :$`, :$&, :$\, :$+ goes boom
JRUBY-1321     any tab completion after typing object name that doesn't exist folled by a "." crashes jirb
JRUBY-1331     YABAB - Yet Another Block Argument Bug
JRUBY-1333     unpack(M*) does not read encoded value if it is last in the packed value
JRUBY-1334     Iconv exceptions end up exceptioning out during their creation
JRUBY-1335     "gets" method in jirb does not echo to stdout
JRUBY-1336     unpack(M) loses last character
JRUBY-1337     Fix broken unit tests in mri/externals/stringio/test_stringio.rb
JRUBY-1339       Constants nested in a Module are not included
JRUBY-1343     Signal#trap doesn't work
JRUBY-1347     wrong algorithm in _jrubyvars.bat to set the classpath for jruby
JRUBY-1348     gem installation does not set executable rights correctly
JRUBY-1350     CLASSPATH environment variable increases exponentially in _jrubyvars.bat
JRUBY-1353     newSymbol symbolid's make 1.to_sym, etc... give weird answers
JRUBY-1367     rev 4315 changes to _jrubyvars.bat breaks jruby
JRUBY-1368     Attempting'foo', 'w') when './foo' is a directory raises Errno:ERNOENT, but should raise Errno:EISDIR
JRUBY-1370     Call/FCall don't provide incoming block during arg processing
JRUBY-1372     Rails helper loading fails due to Regexp quoting bug
JRUBY-1373     Cannot run JRuby through 'java' when having space in path in JRuby's home
JRUBY-1374     Our File.sync is too over zealous
JRUBY-1375     Dir.mkdir doesn't raise SystemCallError
JRUBY-1379     [PATCH] file.flock(File::LOCK_UN | File::LOCK_NB) support
JRUBY-1380     jruby complete jar file forgot to include jline.dll
JRUBY-1393     JRuby Errno module is missing ECONNABORTED
JRUBY-1394     README.test points people to wrong file name
JRUBY-1401     Pathname#realpath fails for Windows drive letters
JRUBY-1406     Reading streams from launched shell process is slow
JRUBY-1408     JRuby crashes with error: can't find string "EOF" anywhere before EOF (SyntaxError)
JRUBY-1410     Signal on Windows blows up with missing signals
JRUBY-1416     eval of a "proc" with setting the line number for something lower than 1 to adjust the line number causes "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 (NativeException)"
JRUBY-1417     Wrong var name inside thread dosent popup exception. With -d optino enabled.
JRUBY-1419     alias_method does not call method_added for the new method
JRUBY-1422     (patch) File.dirname('C:
') returns incorrect results
JRUBY-1423     Range#step - strange behavior with alpha range, numeric step
JRUBY-1426     error occurs when attempting to disable jit at the command line on windows
JRUBY-1427     YAML wrongly serialize String contains certain utf8 characterset
JRUBY-1430     Kernel::rand() is broken for arguments larger than Integer.MAX_VALUE
JRUBY-1432     NFE from RubyYaccLexer.yylex
JRUBY-1435     YieldNodes sometimes have wrong position information
JRUBY-1437     Heap overflow on attempted gem install
JRUBY-1443     Wrong position information for a CallNode with parentheses
JRUBY-1446     FileUtils#mkdir_p causes test suites to not register if the mkdir_p argument already exists
JRUBY-1447     Setting the priority of a dead thread causes NPE
JRUBY-1450     Builtin scripts don't establish a new frame and class when loaded
JRUBY-1451     jruby does not warn about uninitialized instance variables even when warnings are enabled
JRUBY-1452     TCPServer in the midst of accept should still be usable after being Thread.raise interrupted
JRUBY-1460     TCPSockets do not stay fully closed
JRUBY-1465     Test failures under Windows
JRUBY-1468     blocks with var args does not work the same as MRI or JRuby 1.0.1 when the argument supplied is an array
JRUBY-1477     IO Error requiring certain jars in JRoR
JRUBY-1479     irb completion doesn't work for 'java.[TAB]'
JRUBY-1481     don't automatically define ARGV when embedding
JRUBY-1482     Make ARGV default always to [] and configurable through RubyInstanceConfig
JRUBY-1484     JRuby.bat -e and double-quoted string processing broken
JRUBY-1491     MethodCache maintains hard references to Ruby classes and methods that should be weakly referenced
JRUBY-1499     Mongrel log should go to standard out by default. This doesn't happen for some reason
JRUBY-1500     JIRB startup failure "unrecognized switch: -=-" (trunk+WinXp)