A list of needed recipes for searcing and sorting in Boo.

Recipe 2.1 - Sorting a Dictionary

Recipe 2.2 - Processing Selected Pairs of Structured Data Efficiently

Recipe 2.3 - Sorting While Guaranteeing Sort Stability

Recipe 2.4 - Sorting by One Field, Then by Another

Recipe 2.5 - Looking for Items in a Sorted Sequence Using Binary Search

Recipe 2.6 - Sorting a List of Objects by an Attribute of the Objects

Recipe 2.7 - Sorting by Item or by Attribute

Recipe 2.8 - Selecting Random Elements from a List Without Repetition

Recipe 2.9 - Performing Frequent Membership Tests on a Sequence

Recipe 2.10 - Finding the Deep Index of an Item in an Embedded Sequence

Recipe 2.11 - Showing Off Quicksort in Three Lines

Recipe 2.12 - Sorting Objects Using SQL's ORDER BY Syntax