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Required Declaration of Properties


Artifact Variant Resolution


MNG-2521 Multi Mojo Configuration


MNG-2521 Cross Module Mojo Inheritance


Task Execution Framework


Global exclusion of artifacts

done in Maven 2.0.8 and maven-site-plugin 2.0-beta-6

XML encoding: pom.xml, site.xml, ...


Expanded Classifier Support


Extending Pom to Include Artifact Installation Instructions


General Framework for Writing Non-Java Plugins


Optional support for splitting up pom.xml in multiple files


Life Cycle and Plugin Listeners


Binding Mojos to custom LifeCycles or inclusion of the Release Plugin LifeCycle into Maven Core


LifeCycle Phase visibility during build and access within Plugins


Gentoo style pom dependencies


Not having to specify version number of dependent artifacts


Documented migration strategies for complex projects


Technology management using artifact life cycles


Review of Plugin Testing Strategies


POM Element for Source File Encoding


Improvements to Profile Activation Deactivation


Maven Project


Default Plugin Execution IDs


Easier maintenance of <version> in large projects




Update maven:war plugin documentation to show how to filter out stuff from default web app directory.


Allow goals to be attached to post Velocity template process in archetype generation