Welcome to the Berkano website.

Berkano aims to provide components which can ease the development of web applications. One of the targets is the user management area, covering the basic user data model up to password recovery strategies, etc...

Berkano tries to stay open: you should always be able to use the web framework of you choice, for instance, and/or only use the features you want from berkano, without being forced to use the whole thing.

Some modules of berkano are minimalistic and don't necessarily relate to the others. They have their own history, their own life and will eventually grow... or not. (info) I'm willing to detach those from Berkano and make Berkano more coherent: this will happen if I get some time and will to do so, or if anyone is willing to take over any of those. Some stuff will probably just die away (the "simple tags" are just getting useless now that anyone with good sense uses a template engine instead of JSPs)

Basic project info and links
Open issues

Berkano is currently in a buildable state. The tools and user modules are useable, and are currently being used in production at my work place. Note that other modules such as berkano-bookmarks aren't.

I'm currently going through some documents I wrote some time ago, and am trying to gather useful and relevant information here. It might look unstructured or broken for a while. (I have a number of documents explaining the why's and what's of berkano ideas, which are probably still valid in a way or another)

Summary of berkano modules

Here's a short summary of the modules and links to their pages:

Berkano User:

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Berkano Bookmarks:

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Berkano Tools:

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Berkano Sample:

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