Building Jetty RPMs

The Jetty RPMs are available from the download sites with every jetty release since 6.1.5. If you wish to build your own RPM packages, follow the instructions below.

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    - Sould be Built on Redhat Based Linux distros
    - must have a rpm-build installed in your box
    if rpm-build is not installed in your linux box execute the command below

yum install rpm-build

Step -1:

    - Build Jetty 

Step 0: 

Building a Jetty RPM Requires Maven BeanShell Plugin:

cd <jetty-src-root>/contrib/maven-beanshell-plugin
mvn install

Step 0.1:

Jetty RPM makes use of setuid during startup you need to build this one as well, please check this link on how to build the setuid "both java and native code"  Setuid

Step 1:

Now you are ready to build jetty rpm pacakges

cd <jetty-src-root>/contrib/rpm
mvn clean
mvn install

Step 2:

your Jetty RPM Files are found at the <jetty-src-root>/contrib/rpm/target folder:

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