The HibernateUnitOfWorkListener is a UnitOfWorkListener that makes the Unit Of Work transaction work in conjunction with the Hibernate persistence service.

Hibernate is a powerful, ultra-high performance object/relational persistence and query service for Java.


You can define the HibernateUnitOfWorkListener in two ways, either using the SpringAspectContainer configuration file aware-config.xml or using a regular Java API.

Java API

Specify the org.codehaus.aware.unitofwork.hibernate.HibernateUnitOfWorkListener class as one of the listeners in the Class array passed to the UnitOfWork.initialize(Class[]) method:

UnitOfWork.initialize(new Class[]{HibernateUnitOfWorkListener.class});

Spring definition

Specify the org.codehaus.aware.unitofwork.hibernate.HibernateUnitOfWorkListener class name as one of the listeners in the property listeners:

<bean id="org.codehaus.aware.unitofwork.UnitOfWorkProtocol"

    <property name="listeners">


For the Spring definition to work you have to define the UnitOfWorkProtocol to use the SpringAspectContainer and not the default one.