CARGO 1.0.x's Maven 2 plugins do work very well with Maven 3, but CARGO 1.0.x requires Maven 2 for its build process. Starting from CARGO 1.1.x, CARGO also builds on Maven 3, see CARGO-789: Make build work with Maven 3.0.


The Cargo build contains functional tests. Those tests are run on different containers. The first time you build Cargo it will download those container distributions which will take some time (the containers are installed into core/samples/java/installs). If you want to tell Cargo to run only on some specific container, see below.

Selecting containers

The default list of containers to run on depends a property cargo.containers defined in CARGOHOME/core/samples/pom.xml. It can also be supplied at the commandline by using profiles (-P<containerId>).

For example if you only want to run on Tomcat 5.x you'd write: mvn -Ptomcat5x clean install

There are also some multi-container profiles, for example mvn -Pall-downloadable clean install will build CARGO and test the CARGO samples with all downloadable containers (Jetty's many versions, Tomcat's many versions, etc.)


Proxy settings

If you need to build cargo from behind a proxy, proceed as follows: