We're always looking for contributions! Here are some ways to participate in Cargo's development:

Creating and submitting a patch

When you have either completed an issue or just want some feedback on the work you have done, create a patch and attach the patch to the issue in question. We have a couple of guidelines when creating patches:

An example on how to create a patch from the command line:

$ svn diff > CARGO-123-something.patch

If you are picking up an issue with a existing patch attached to the issue you can apply the patch to your working directory directly from JIRA like this. The wget and patch commands will only be available if you are on a UNIX platform or using Cygwin on Windows.

$ wget -O - -q <URL to the patch from JIRA> | patch -p0

If the patch is in a local file CARGO-123.patch and you want to apply that use this command:

$ patch -p0 < CARGO-123.patch

A couple of notes:

Patch acceptance criteria

There are a number of criteria that a patch will be judged on:

Above all, don't be discouraged. These are the same requirements the current commiters should hold each other to as well.
And remember, your contributions are always welcome!

Coding rules

If you submit a patch you need to follow these rules:

In addition if you plan to contribute big patches that impact existing code, we recommend discussing it on the mailing list first.