Source files for my jsps don't stay around in my work directory?!

The initParam that controls whether or not the .java files are kept around after compilation is called keepgenerated.

You set this initParam on the JspServlet in the webdefault.xml file:

<servlet id="jsp">

If you are using jsp-2.1, and you are using JDK6 or above, then the default behaviour of the jsp engine is to NOT keep the generated
java files around UNLESS you explicitly set it as above. If you are using JDK5, then the default IS to keep the generated java files.

Note: If you customize the settings in the webdefault.xml file in the $JETTY-HOME/etc directory, then you need to tell your webapps to use that file instead of the one that is baked-in to the jetty.jar. Please read the entry on webdefault.xml for instructions on what to do.